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Bansky Icon or Convict?

I think Banksy , was a an amazing artist and inspirational with perilous attempts to display his inventive stunning art pieces. Some people may see it as vandalism but I see it as, bringing quotidian things to life, making city buildings as his canvas. He also did something that went against what everyone would describe as “Uncivilized” in the beginning but after actually viewing his art they had a alternative perspective. To most people he became a Legend, an non-fictional myth (if that makes sense). He was also known as a hero for his outlaw ways of artistic freedom. Then after he did a mysterious video hinting at his identity (blurring out his face) making people crave to know who this “Mystery Art legend” is. As he started doing art other places people actually even started just knowing “That’s one of Banksy’s” making him an artistic icon , and the mystery art legend.